Blossom Online Learning Journeys

We create a personal on-line Learning Journey (LJ) for each child. We do this by using Blossom educational.

Blossom is a GDPR compliant online company using secure servers in the UK to store data.

A learning journey consists of your child’s experiences and achievements using photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage to

provide a continuous picture of your child’s time at our setting.

The only people in nursery with access to your child’s LJ will be the manager, your child’s key person and Buddy, who will be responsible for managing your child’s LJ.

We very much hope you will enjoy viewing your child’s Learning Journey and would also like your input, not by just viewing the learning journey but also creating your own home observations by uploading your own photographs and comments as well as commenting on the observations we have carried out.

Once your child has a Blossom account, you will be able to securely access it by using the Parent App on mobile devices.