After School Club

The Nursery is able to offer a limited number of places for children aged 5-11 years from Mellis and Eye Primary Schools to join us after their school day is over.

The children are collected and brought back to nursery by a member of staff in the Nursery people carrier, joining the children from the other school.

After tea they are offered a wide range of activities in their own room away from the younger children.  We have a variety of age specific toys and games as well as a laptop for them to use.  We also provide craft and cooking activities for the children to do if they wish, some of which will be displayed in the nursery.  School homework is also done if the children would like to or upon their parents request.



Most of all the children have fun!  It’s like having friends round to play each night but we do the tidying up!

When booking into the After School Club, there is a flat rate charge of £12.80, which is two hours plus tea. Children can be picked up from 5 o’clock on wards, with the nursery closing at 6pm.

As the nursery is open 8am to 6pm for 51 weeks of the year, there is the possibility of extending your child’s booking in the holidays so that they can join our holiday club for children aged 5-11 years.