‘Buds ′ – looks after children from 2 to 3 years of age.

In Buds, the children are encouraged to be independent by offering lots of free choice both indoors and outdoors. We operate a free flow system from around 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm, where the children have the choice of playing indoors or outside. The children have a morning snack between 10am and 11am and an afternoon snack between 2pm and 3pm, with lunch being served at 12pm.Tapestry photos 4789
The children have access to a variety of activities and resources such as sand, water and textured material such as hair gel, shaving foam, jelly etc., as well as many craft activities and free painting at the easel in the Messy Room.Tapestry photos 2499Tapestry photos 5096 DSCF6160 (2)
The Buds have access to a variety of free play and focussed activities such as puzzles/ problem solving activities, mark making, ICT equipment, a variety of Role Play and small world play, as well as lots of singing time with musical instruments and finger puppets. The children also participate in a baking activity once a week. There is also a snuggle area in the room, to allow the children the opportunity to relax and have some quiet time with a story or a cuddle.DSCF6210

Outside, we provide many of these activities as well large scale construction, ride of trikes, climbing frames and balance opportunities. Activities with the parachute and soft play are also available. IMG_1572The children also enjoy going for walks down the farm track where we are situated, or into Eye to visit the library. All of these trips are fully risk assessed and carefully planned.

The children also have time for small group work with their key person, where they can play a game, do a puzzle, or do some singing. We are also now starting to do Makaton and learning new signs each week with Sharon, supporting the children and staff.

2014-10-09 11.15.08The children are able to have a sleep, whenever needed to suit their routine during the day. The Buds room has two sleep rooms attached with cots, or the option of a travel cot. Children are able to bring their comforters in to make them feel more at ease.DSCF6166Tapestry photos 4564DSCF6226

We work with parents and carers to ensure that the child’s needs are well addressed and to make the child’s nursery day as happy as possible.DSCF6183DSCF6211