The Berries’ – provides day care for 3 and 4 year olds which includes 15/30 hours free childcare per week.

In the Berries we aim to provide a rich environment where children can play with many different types of resources, either individually or as groups such as small world, role play, construction, painting, numeracy games, laptop work, practising writing skills, or outside on the trikes, balancing equipment or bat and ball games. IMG_1379Throughout all of the children’s play there are learning opportunities, both inside and outdoors. 2014-09-02 12.37.22DSCF6352To start the children’s day we have ‘Register time’, where children are welcomed into nursery with a simple register being called. The Berries explore a letter, shape, number, colour and story of the week, which is talked about here during register time. There are also activities planned throughout the day around these main themes of the week




Key person time is also provided, where children spend time with their key person in small groups, where they can share information, play games or have one on one interaction. It is here where there is a great opportunity for children to be closely worked with to identify the child’s needs to support them in the transition to school.IMG_5153IMG_1848DSCF6360

Makaton is also a big part of the Berries room as we learn at least one new sign each week. As well as this skill being learnt, we also explore Jolly

Phonics, which is an active way for children to learn their phonics, giving each phonic an action to support children in remembering them. Learning phonics and letters is a vital part of the Berries, to assist with tasks such as writing names, again to help the transition to school.DSCF6346DSCF6347

As well as all of these activities, the Berries children also enjoy taking part in a weekly PE lesson. encouraging physical skills and self help skills taking their socks and shoes off.DSCF6361

In preparation for school, the Berries offer a Parents Evening, where parents and carers are invited in to discuss their child’s development, as this is closely monitored by their key person.IMG_4254DSCF6357Baby buds 024

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