Baby Room

‘Babies’ – are cared for in their own baby room up to 24 months of age (depending on development stage).

The Room & Activities






The Baby Buds Room is a small, warm, cosy and homely environment for babies to relax and explore freely. Babies are cared for to a high standard as well as receiving support with their learning and development.

The baby room is designed to allow the children to participate in structured activities as well as accessing a variety of engaging resources freely.

There are many heuristic and everyday objects around the room for the babies to explore such as mug trees, cardboard tubes and treasure baskets for example.



Areas & activities of the baby play room & art room include;

  • story & snuggle corner- group stories as well as independent.
  • home corner- role play
  • small world areas- imaginative play
  • water & sand play
  • messy play- such as cereal, cream, jelly etc.
  • song time with bubbles & disco lights
  • sensory play with light resources.

The Babies have their own sleep room, with cots, but we also have push chairs and travel cots to suit your child’s needs. Outside, the children have access to their very own decking area where they can free flow alongside the play room.



Day to day the routine of the room usually runs as;

7.45am-9am: Welcoming children in & free play.

9am-12pm: Outside play/ messy play/ structured craft activities, Rolling snack begins at 10am with free flow between play room & art room. Songs & stories generally happen before lunch & nappies are changed if not have already been done.

12pm-1pm: lunch time

1pm- 4.15pm: Nap time, messy play & free play. Rolling snack begins at 2pm. Nappies are changed ready for home time with some dancing & bubbles usually taking place.

4.15pm- 5pm: tea time .

5pm-6pm: free play & home time.

The routine of the room will always be tailored to your child’s needs, whether they need to have a sleep in the morning or afternoon, they need a comforter throughout the day, or cuddles with milk, we will ensure these are all met to allow your child to be as happy as can be whilst with us. We will always listen to your child’s wants and needs and we look forward to getting to know all of their individual needs and their individual personalities.

Overall, the Baby Room is a caring and nurturing setting with the aim to ensure the best care at all times for the children.