Baby Buds

‘Baby Buds’ – are cared for in their own baby room up to 24 months of age.

The Baby Buds Room is a small, cosy and homely environment for babies to relax and explore freely. Babies are cared for to a high standard as well as receiving support with their learning babies halloweenand development.

The staff work hard to ensure a warm and welcoming environment for all babies.


The babies are able to access the different areas as they please and often take part in free flow as well as structured activities. The babies have their own ‘snuggle area’ used for Key Person time and to relax and share a story and a cuddle.

There is also a treasure basket area, areas for small world  and areas for musical and interactive toys.

The Baby Buds have access to their very own decking room and decking 005area outside where they can explore sensory activities such as sand and water play. There is also a sensory line for babies to play with and a playhouse used for role play activities.

The babies often have other messy play activities offered to them such as squirty cream, custard, jelly, rice pudding and gloop.

In terms of routine, the babies have snacks, tea and lunch altogether, which can all be adapted to suit children’s needs. We provide a variety of food and always ensure we promote healthy eating We have a snack between 10 and 10.30 and again in the afternoon between 2 and 3pm.  The snack consists of various fruits, breadsticks, crackers, ricecakes, raisins etc..

We will work around you and your child to fit in with their sleep routine.The Baby Buds also have a quiet sleep room with cots, as well as a pushchair, travel cots and bouncers to suit every child’s sleeping routine. We have a range of snuggly toys or if your child has a comforter they can bring that in with them.2010-03-30 01.06.45


There is always an opportunity for the babies to relax with a member of staff before they sleep, allowing them the opportunity to look at books, family photos and to have milk.

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We want to make your child’s learning as exciting and fun as we can through playing and exploring. We will also listen to your child’s wants and needs and we look forward to getting to know all of their individual needs and their individual personalities. We will also manage their transition to the Buds room when your child reaches the age of 24 months. This will only happen when they are ready and comfortable and they will have various trials with their new key person. If you have any questions or concerns however small please do not hesitate to talk to a member of the Baby room team

Overall, the Baby Room is a caring and nurturing setting with the aim to ensure the best care at all times for the children.