Through activities, our aims as a nursery are to;

  • Encourage children to be independent and to develop their learning senses, whilst 
  • increasing self-confidence.
  • No matter how long a child spends with us a week, we want to ensure that they are happy, carrying out a wide range of activities which will help them to learn.
  • To provide children with a wide range of materials & equipment to encourage learning through play.
  • All activities are carried out on an informal and easy-going basis and children are free to move onto the other areas as and when they wish.
  • We appreciate that all children are individuals and each child is unique with different and varying aptitudes and interests.
  • The children are cared for in a warm and friendly environment and politeness and thought for others will be strongly encouraged.
  • Through topic work, children are brought into contact with cultures, religious festivals & ideas from all over the world, providing the widest possible acceptance of racial & religious harmony.

Time is given each day to individual and group work and some of the activities available are:


Parents are welcome in the nursery and are encouraged to talk to staff about their child. We are always available to help you if you have any particular problems or concerns regarding your child’s development and progress.